The Whittens of Winston County,


My name is Mary K. Johnson, and I am researching the Whitten families of Winston County, Mississippi. Brothers Pleasant and Austin Whitten immigrated to Winston County around 1848 from Edgefield District, South Carolina. Their children were reared in the Winston County area. Many of them later moved on to Texas. This page is dedicated to the descendants of Pleasant and Austin.

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The Descendants of Catherine Whitten of
Edgefield District, South Carolina

Pleasant William Whitten was born in December 1824 in Edgefield District, South Carolina. Austin Whitten was born in 1820 in South Carolina. These men were children of Catherine Whitten (circa 1805-1843) and possibly Elijah Whitten (circa 1800 - 1835). Nothing is known of their life at home except that their mother Catherine died and that her estate was probated in Edgefield District, South Carolina in November of 1843. The only people who received a distributive share of her estate were Austin and Pleasant Whitten. Austin received part of his share of the estate in December 1844; and later, in December 1848, Pleasant was paid in full for his share of the estate and also for the balance of Austin's share. Were these men Catherine's only children or just her only surviving heirs? No one today can answer that question, but read on below for more information on this interesting and intriguing family of mine.

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Additional Research in
Winston County, Mississippi

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My Other Family Lines


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Three Whitten Brothers
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