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The majority of the pictures in this album were shared with me in 1983 by my grandmother Girtha Whitten and Mr. Pete Whitten, son of Ed Whitten. Without these pictures to prompt the discussion, some of our family stories would not have been shared. Specifically, the story of the Whitten Killing. It was only after seeing a picture of Bose Whitten was Mr. Pete willing to tell the story of his father's involvement in the murders. Both Pete and my grandmother were kind enough to allow me to have these pictures professionally reprinted for future generations to share.

Children of Pleasant and Caroline Whitten

Unknown Whitten, possibly Pleasant Whitten or son James Whitten John Thomas, Pleas Jr. F.M. and Bettie Ellis
Unknown Whitten, possibly Pleasant Whitten or son
James Whitten
John Thomas, Pleas Jr. "Bunk", and
Jack Sr. Whitten
F.M. and Bettie Ellis

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