Beulah and Beyond
A Story of the
Beulah Baptist Church and Community
in Historical Perspective
Choctaw County, Mississippi

This book tells about the settlement of the Beulah community during the 1830s–1850s and the beginning of the Beulah Baptist Church in the early days of the Civil War.  It also chronicles the development of both church and community through the 1990s. Though similar to other rural churches its story is rather unique. This book of 547 pages involved over five years of research and was released in hardcover binding on August 24, 2000.

W. A. Whitten, Jr., author, was born at Beulah and spent his youth learning many of the things about which he now writes.  He was a Baptist pastor in Mississippi and Kentucky during the early 1950s and was Associate Director of the Seminary Extension Department of the Southern Baptist Seminaries during 1956-1963.  The author also served as an Education Officer in the Foreign Service of the United States Department of State during 1963-1987 and is currently retired in Sugar Hill, Georgia.

This book is more than an account of the long history of Beulah Church and community.  It traces the development of the county, state and nation.  It identifies pivotal leaders and events in the early Baptist associations, the Mississippi Baptist Convention, the Southern Baptist Convention and does so within the timeframe of Beulah’s beginning and later development. This work contributes to the legacy of the small church and community in America, especially in the rural Southland.

The book is full of Beulah family names and their kin spread throughout the state and nation.  Genealogy outlines are provided for the Carlisle, Joseph and Samuel Black families, together with the Bowie, Eddleman, Gladney, Hutchison, Lacey, Lane, McGee, Steele and Turnipseed families.  The names of over 1,900 ancestors and descendants of these families are included with an index.

Dr. William (Bill) Causey, Executive Director Emeritus of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, prepared the "Foreword" for the book.  He described the Beulah Community as "life shaping" and observed that it has produced an inordinate number of influential people disproportionate to its size.  Causey further commented that this book will preserve one of the most definitive accounts of this portion of Mississippi history.

Copies of Beulah and Beyond may be obtained from W. A. Whitten, 350 Chandler Court, Sugar Hill, GA 30518, for $42.50, including shipping and handling.  Orders are now being received with payment by personal check or money order, payable to the author and included with the order.

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