Austin Whitten of Abbeville and
Edgefield Counties, South Carolina


Condensed/Excerpted from Chapter 2, pages 10-11
and Chapter 11, pages 338-342 of

by Virginia Wood Alexander and William C. Whitten, Jr.
copyright 1984

The first Whitten documented in the Up Country of South Carolina was Ambrose Whitten.  He probably migrated into the Ninety-Six District not later than the Fall of 1778, possibly earlier.  Ambrose was a Revolutionary soldier in South Carolina.  An Ambrous Whitten died intestate in Newberry District, and his estate was settled Oct. 18, 1791, Elijah Whitten, administrator. Records of payment made by the state of South Carolina after the Revolutionary War show that eight to ten Whittens may have served in the South Carolina Militia during the Revolution. The names of Whittens who appear in the stub entry books for South Carolinaare given below:   Elijah, Ambrose, Philip (listed twice), Robert, Austin, Jonathan, Joel, A.E. (possibly either Ambrose or Austin), and Charles.

 According to stub entry books, Austin Whitten was a Private whose service was authenticated by Col. Robert Anderson, one of Gen. Andrew Pickens' commanders.  In the stub entry for Joel Whitten (history in Chap. 8), Joel Whitten asked that his indent for service be delivered to Charles Whitton after deducting an amount sufficient to pay the bounty of one tract of land for Austen Whitten.  Were these men maybe brothers?

 Austin received land in 1786 in 96 District, probably in Abbeville District, today McCormick County, probably near the community of New Bordeaux. An Asten (Osten) Whitten is listed on the 1790 census for Abbeville District:

1 male over 16 (himself?) (born before 1774)
3 males under 16 (born after 1774)
2 females (one his wife)  

In 1791, Austin Whitten of Abbeville District purchased a 200 acre plantation in Edgefield District (near the Town of Plum Branch). It is believed that Austin lived here until his death.

Austin Whitten also appears in two sources of Revolutionary soldiers in the State of Georgia, as do Philip and Robert Whitten.  Most likely is that Austin, with Philip and Robert, helped with guerrilla-style fighting across the Savannah River into Georgia to the aid of Elijah Clark, the most prominent back-country guerrilla leader of American troops in Georgia. As payment for his services, Austin of Edgefield County, SC received two grants of 287 1/2 acres of land in Washington County, Georgia, both of which he sold separately in the early 1790's.

The 1800 Edgefield Census lists Austin Whitten, and he was the only head-of-household of the Whitten name in Edgefield District.  The census has the name of Moses Whitten written alongside Austin's name in the record, but since Moses was recorded in Newberry District, Moses may have been an enumerator.  Austin's family:

1 male and 1 female both over 45 born before 1755, and over 21
at the time of the Revolution
1 son 16 to 26 born 1774-1784
1 son and 1 daughter 10 to 16 born 1784-1790
3 sons and 1 daughter under 10 born 1790-1800 

The 1810 Edgefield Census--Austin Whitten's family:

1 male over 45 but no female (born before 1765) (wife died 1800-1810)
1 female 16-26 (born 1784-1794)  
1 male and 1 female 10-16 (born 1794-1800)  
1 male and 2 females under 10 (born 1800-1810)  

Austin was probably born around 1755.  In 1810, he would have been about 55 years old and his wife had died.  He is not in the 1820 census, so he must have died 1810-1820, between ages of 55-65.

The 1820 Edgefield lists both Austin and Elisha Whitten. The 1820 Abbeville lists Elijah Whitten.  Are these three sons of Austin Whitten?

Austin II's family: 1 male over 45 (if born in 1774, he would be 46
in 1820, see 1800 census above)
(Edgefield) 4 males under 10 (born 1810-1820)
Elisha's family: 1 male 26-45 (born 1775-1794)
(Edgefield) 3 males under 10 (born 1810-1820)
Elijah's family: 1 male 18-26 (born 1794-1802)
(Abbeville) 1 female 16-26 (born 1794-1804)
  1 male under 10 (born 1810-1820)
  1 female under 10 (born 1810-1820)

The 1830 Edgefield lists Eli Whitten (Elijah?)

1 male 30-40 (born 1790-1800) (Elijah)
1 female 15-20 (born 1810-1815) (Catherine?)  maybe should be
older--like 20-30?
2 males 5-10 (born 1820-1825) (Austin/Pleas)
1 male under 5 (1825-1830)  

 The 1840 Abbeville Census has Caty Whitten as the head of the house.

1 female 40-50 (1790-1800) (Grandmother of Austin/Pleasant?)
1 female 30-40 (1800-1810) (Catherine?)
1 male 15-20 (1820-1825) (Austin?)
1 male 10-15 (1825-1830) (Pleasant?)

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