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WINSTON COUNTY, MS: Property Deeds from 1835 - 1940 (selected entries)

The land that became Winston County, Mississippi was originally Indian land settled by (primarily) the Choctaw Indians. Winston County is located on lands that were part of both the 1820 (2nd) and 1830 (3rd) Choctaw Cessions (the Treaty of Dancing Rabbitt Creek) which allowed the Indians to be removed to facilitate further white settlement. The Cession Land then became part of counties that were already in existence and part of new counties created at the time of the Cession. Winston County was created in 1833, three years after the 3rd cession, from Cession lands in several counties, specifically from parts of Lowndes, Madison, and Rankin Counties. [Sources: Mississippi: Atlas of Historical County Boundaries, edited by John H. Long and compiled by Peggy Tuck Sinko (1993, Simon and Schuster); Dr. Lynne Mueller, Reference Libarian, Special Collections, Mississippi State University; and David Blaine, fellow genealogist.]   Unlike most of its neighboring counties, Winston County's courthouse has never burned, so the majority of the original records (both property and marriage records) are still available back into the early 1830's.

As I have searched through the property deeds of Winston County seeking information on the various branches of my own family, I have transcribed the grantor, grantee, date, and deed number information for 838 deeds. Of these 838 deeds, I have posted brief abstracts of 133 of them on the Winston County Message Board at I am including my research here in the hopes that others will find clues to their families as I have.

Please note: When I transcribed these deed entries, I recorded only those names that might have been relevant to the family lines which I am researching. Some grantors and grantees are listed as "Not Transcribed". This was a time-saving measure for me at the time, and I now regret the omission. However, I have listed the address for the Chancery Clerk below in case someone desires to look up the actual deed for further information. Please note that Deed Book T has been stolen from the courthouse, and some trust deed books are housed in the basement vault.

Winston County Chancery Court, 115 S. Court Ave., Louisville, MS 39339-2935.
Telephone: 662-773-3631

Deeds Alphabetical by Grantor   Updated with more abstracts!! 2-11

Deeds Alphabetical by Grantee   Updated with more abstracts!! 2-11

Index Books used as sources:
Index to Deeds 1834 - 1853 Index to Deeds 3 1904 -
Index to Deeds 1835 Index to Land Deeds 6 1893-1912
Index to Deeds 1853 - 1859 General Index to Land Deeds 7 1912-1920
Index to Deeds 1855 - 1874 General Index to Deeds 7 1926-1933
Index to Deeds 4 1872-1892 General Index to Land Deeds 11 1935-1941
Index to Deeds 5 1893-1904


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