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Rootsweb's WorldConnect Project
Last update January 1, 2004

My family database is available on-line as part of Rootsweb's WorldConnect Project. All of my notes and sources are shown in detail there, as well as information on family members not yet listed on my web site. In addition, Rootsweb has added the "Post-Em" feature which serves as a kind of on-line Post-It notes. With the "Add Post-Em" feature, guests to my database may add their own personal notes to individials in my file that contribute additional family information that I don't show, correct erroneous information, or just leave their names and e-mail addresses as fellow researchers on that particular individual/family. Rootsweb will allow the downloading of up to ten generations from my files. Just find the person with whom you want to start, choose "Download Ged-Com", then choose whether to download descendants OR ancestors. The download is in GED-COM format (.ged). You may access the database in one of two ways.'s Ancestry World Tree
Last update January 1, 2004

My database has also been incorporated into's Ancestry World Tree. Although a large part of 's web site requires a paid subscription, guests may access many of its services for free -- in particular the Ancestry World Tree. My Ancestry World Tree database is identical to my Rootsweb WorldConnect database; Ancestry and Rootsweb have merged files. When I update my Rootsweb database, it automatically updates Ancestry. There are two ways to access my database there:

Since my database in Ancestry World Tree is the same as my database in Rootsweb WorldConnect Project, a visitor may download up to ten generations of ancestors or descendants beginning with one primary person. Just click on the "Download Ged-Com" link, and the rest is the same as I described above.

Additional note about our family in's databases. One of my cousins, R.K. White, has also added his GED-COM to the Ancestry World Tree. R.K.'s file is number 32727 and his submitter name is He and I were collaborators on this family many years ago and have much of the same information, but his file will probably have some information in it that I may not have in mine. Please feel free to compare information and contact me if you have any questions.



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