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My name is Mary K. Johnson, and I am researching the ancestors and descendants of Littleton and Lucinda Pearlee Whitten. They settled in northern Mississippi near Pontotoc County in the late 1850's. However, when Littleton did not return from the Civil War, Lucinda returned to her parents in Alabama then eventually settled with some of her children in central Mississippi in Attala County. What really happened to Littleton? Did he really die during the Civil War? Considering his ungallant past "back home" in Georgia before he married Lucinda, one has to wonder! Nevertheless, the page is dedicated to all of the descendants of Littleton Whitten.

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Littleton Augustus Whitten, the second child of Phillip and Delilah Whitten, was born in Union County, South Carolina in 1802. About 1821 the family moved to Walton County, Georgia, where Littleton became a lieutenant in the Walton County Militia, 1822-1823. In May 1830, in the Morgan County, Georgia area, Littleton married Catherine Head. In the three years they were married, Catherine had five children, including two sets of twins. She died a couple of weeks after her last set of twins were born prematurely. Littleton remarried in December 1833 to Cornelia Ruark, also in the Morgan County area. He and Cornelia had two sons, the last being born in 1839. Although no record of a divorce is found, it appears that Littleton deserted Cornelia and her two children about 1840 and "ran off" to Alabama and Mississippi. He married for the third time to Lucinda Pearlee Whitten, who was said to have been a cousin or closer, sometime around 1840. Lucinda gave him three children from 1843 - 1849, and the family is listed on the 1850 Pontotoc County, Mississippi census. However, the family has not yet been found on the 1860 census anywhere, and the next children born to Littleton and Lucinda were born in 1861 and 1862 -- a gap of twelve years. Where was Littleton during this time? Family tradition has it that Littleton was killed during the battle of Grenada, Mississippi in 1862 and buried there in an unmarked grave. Funny how no service record seems to exist for him. Did he maybe run off again and start a new life somewhere else? Regardless, Lucinda took her children back home to her parents in Lauderdale County, Alabama to live from 1862 - 1877. In 1877, she returned to Mississippi with her three sons. One son settled in northern Mississippi and the youngest two settled with Lucinda in Attala County, Mississippi.

Listed below are pages which show the ancestors and descendants of Littleton and Lucinda Whitten. They represent a collaborative effort on the part of many researchers. I hope you find the information contained in them helpful. If you do, please take a moment and drop me a note or sign the guest book!


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This book by descendant W.A. Whitten tells about the settlement of the Beulah community during the 1830s1850s and the beginning of the Beulah Baptist Church in the early days of the Civil War. It also chronicles the development of both church and community through the 1990s. Though similar to other rural churches its story is rather unique. The book is full of Beulah family names and their kin spread throughout the state and nation. Genealogy outlines are provided for the Carlisle, Joseph and Samuel Black families, together with the Bowie, Eddleman, Gladney, Hutchison, Lacey, Lane, McGee, Steele and Turnipseed families. This hardcover book is still available in limited quantities. Click the link above for more information on this wonderful book about this important community in Choctaw County, Mississippi.

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