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Nancy C. Whitten was born in 1851, probably in the Noxubee Hill community of northern Winston County, Mississippi. She married David P. Foster on January 4, 1870 in Winston County, Mississippi. David P. Foster was the son of Asa Foster of Winston County, Mississippi. David and Nancy are listed as newlyweds on the 1870 census for Winston County, living next door to his brother John W. Foster and wife Hannah. According to fellow researcher Virginia Caskey, descendant of John Foster, these families were still in Mississippi in 1874 when John's son William was born, but they might have been living in Meridian. According to fellow researcher Jeremy Foster, David and Nancy's first three children were born in Winston County: William Aulse (1871), Carrie (1873), and Lenora (1875). Apparently in the mid 1870's, four Foster brothers went alone to Louisiana to find a suitable homestead to which to move their families. All four returned to Mississippi, and David and John returned to Louisiana with their families. It appears that they migrated to Louisiana about 1875 because John and David paid taxes that year in Bienville Parish, Louisiana. They have no tax record there in 1876, but in 1877, John, David and their brother A.C. Foster all paid taxes there. The first record where David bought land in Bienville Parish is in 1881. David settled his family near Castor and Sparta, Louisiana. (For more information on their migration from Mississippi to Louisiana, see Jeremy Foster's page on the life of John W. Foster .)

David and Nancy had four other children who were born in Castor, Louisiana: Ollie (1877), LouElla (1880), David P. Jr (1883), and Effie (1884). According to James Lamar Foster (son of Ollie Foster), David and Nancy moved their family from Louisiana to the area near McGregor, McLennan County, Texas near Waco. David and his sons worked drilling water wells. Nancy died in McGregor, but we don't know what year or from what cause. The cemetery in which she was buried was near to the river, and one year a flood came and washed the cemetery into the river. The graves were never recovered. After Nancy died (probably in the late 1880's), David moved his family back to Bienville Parish where he opened a big saloon in Sparta. The saloon was patronized by lumbermen from "up North" who had come down South to clear the forests. The railroad eventually came through the area, the county seat was moved from Sparta, and the town of Sparta was eventually dissolved.

After returning to Bienville Parish, David remarried to Laura Hill in 1890. David and Laura had no children, or at least no children who survived. In Campground Cemetery in Bienville Parish, there are graves marked as the infant son and infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David P. Foster, Sr. I don't know if the mother of these infants was Nancy or Laura. Laura died in 1901. David's daughter Lou married Lawrence McCoy around 1901, and they remained in Bienville Parish and helped out with the younger members of the family after Laura died. David died in 1911 and was buried with his second wife and infants at Campground Cemetery.


David P. Foster
Born: 1848 in Mississippi, possibly Winston County
Married: January 4, 1870 in Winston County, Mississippi
Died: 1911 probably in Bienville Parish, Louisiana
Buried: Campground Cemetery, Bienville Parish, Louisiana
Father: Asa Foster
Mother: Sarah Hyde

Nancy C. Whitten
Born: 1851 in Winston County, Mississippi
Died: Late 1880's near McGregor, McLennan County, Texas
Buried: Near McGregor, McLennan County, Texas -- cemetery washed away by flood in later years
Father: Pleasant W. Whitten
Mother: Caroline Spencer

  1. William Aulse Foster
    Born: 1871 in Winston County, Mississippi

    David and Nancy's oldest son, "Os" (William Aulse?) remained in the McGregor, McLennan County, Texas area and did not move back to Louisiana.

  2. Carrie Foster
    Born: 1873 in Winston County, Mississippi

    Carrie lived in Bienville Parish with her sister Lou McCoy.

  3. Lenora M. Foster
    Born: 1875 in Winston County, Mississippi
    Married: Date/Place Unknown
    Spouse: Eston Brown
    Died: Unknown
    Buried: Unknown

    Nora and Eston Brown lived in Olney, Young County, Texas (about 3 counties east of Fort Worth). Their family prospered there. Lamar Foster said Nora's girls came back to Bienville Parish once. He said they had done very well for themselves and were quite nice looking girls. That was the only time he remembered hearing from them.

  4. Ollie Foster
    Born: November 23 or 28, 1877 in Castor, Louisiana
    Married: January 24, 1903 or 1904 in Bienville Parish, Louisiana
    Spouse: Daisy Elizabeth Stewart
    Died: June 18, 1956 in East Point, Red River Parish, Louisiana
    Buried: Campground Cemetery, Bienville Parish, Louisiana

    Daisy Elizabeth Stewart was born 4 March 1882 and died 25 November 1961. Both she and Ollie are buried at Campground Cemetery. Ollie and Daisy were married 24 January 1903 or 04 (1903 from courthouse records, a family member of theirs wrote 1904). Nine children were born: Essie Caroline Foster (married Boyd James Holland), William Grady Foster (married Beulah Zelma Driggers), Harry Whitten Foster (married Lazelle Vail), Howard David Foster (married Edith Mae Robbins), Jack Robert Foster (married Nellie Virginia), Irma Elizabeth Foster (married Murphy Gilbert), Ollie Wayne Foster (married Katherine Mae Riddle), James Lamar Foster, and Gordon Eric Foster (married Avis Marie Clinton). Ollie Foster was a Master carpenter and Mason. Their first residence in Saline, Louisiana was erected by him. He built many homes in Bienville Parish. In the mid-twenties Ollie and Daisy moved their family to Red River Parish where many of them still live today. This information was taken from History of Bienville Parish, written by Ollie's granddaughter, and shared with me by Virginia Caskey.

    James Lamar Foster added that Ollie and his brothers built houses and bridges. Ollie's family was very poor around the time of the Depression, and the family eventually lost their land in Bienville Parish. Ollie's family then moved to Coushatta, Louisiana and farmed the land for the Armstrong? family who owned a large sawmill in the area.

  5. Louella Foster
    Born: February 14, 1880 in Castor, Louisiana
    Married: About 1901
    Spouse: Lawrence G. McCoy
    Died: August 16, 1968 in probably Bienville Parish, Louisiana
    Buried: Campground Cemetery, Bienville Parish, Louisiana

    Lawrence and Lou McCoy lived in Bienville, Louisiana and had two daughters and two sons. Daughter Edna was born in 1901 and died in 1902. Daughter Ione was born in 1898 and died in 1976. Ione married a man whose last name was Turner. Their sons were Roy (who lived in New Orleans) and Earl. One of these sons was buried at Liberty Cemetery in Bienville Parish. Lawrence, Lou, and both daughters were buried in Campground Cemetery, Bienville Parish, Louisiana.

    Daughter Ione lived in Texas. Many years ago, Lou and Ione travelled back to Winston County, Mississippi to find out some information about the Whitten land there. Apparently shortly after moving to Louisiana, or perhaps while they were living in Texas, Lou's mother Nancy received notice about needing to pay taxes on the land she had inherited in Winston County. She never went back to Mississippi to pay the taxes. So when Lou and Ione visited Winston County, they went to where the Whitten land was to ask about what had become of the land. The Whitten descendants who still lived there were apparently quite hostile to them and refused to tell them any information. Lou and Ione then went to the courthouse to investigate what had happened. They talked to a lawyer there about what legal recourse they had, and he advised that it would cost more than the land was worth to try to regain their legal claim to what little land was left. They did keep copies of the land records from their visit to Winston County, and Ione kept them at her home in Texas. She still had the land records when she died, and during our conversation, Lamar Foster wondered aloud about what had become of the records after Ione's death. I told him that all the remaining land that had not been sold to pay tax liens was bought up by the government in the 1940's and was now part of the Tombigbee National Forest in Winston/Choctaw Counties of Mississippi.

  6. David P. Foster, Jr.
    Born: 1883, probably in Bienville Parish, Louisiana
    Died: 1911, probably in Bienville Parish, Louisiana
    Buried: Campground Cemetery, Bienville Parish, Louisiana

    Like his brother Ollie, David Jr. was also a bricklayer/mason. David Jr. died in 1911 at age 18 from pneumonia. His father David Sr. also died in 1911. I don't know who died first, but they were both buried in Campground Cemetery.

  7. Effie Foster
    Born: February 13, 1884, probably in Bienville Parish, Louisiana
    Married: Date/Place Unknown
    Spouse: Mr. Pipkin
    Died: November 28, 1931, probably in Bienville Parish, Louisiana
    Buried: Campground Cemetery, Bienville Parish, Louisiana

    Effie Pipkin lived in Olney, Texas. I wonder if she moved to Texas with her sister Nora Brown?

  8. Infant Daughter
    Born/Died: Date unknown, probably in Bienville Parish, Louisiana
    Buried: Campground Cemetery, Bienville Parish, Louisiana
  9. Infant Son
    Born/Died: Date unknown, probably in Bienville Parish, Louisiana
    Buried: Campground Cemetery, Bienville Parish, Louisiana

Note about the two infants: I don't know if their mother was Nancy Whitten or Laura Hill.


1860 Winston County, Mississippi Census: Page 61, Dwelling 384, Family 383
N.C. Whitten, age 8 (1852), born in MS, living with P.H. and C. Whitten.

1870 Winston County, Mississippi Census: Twp 16, Rng 11, New Prospect, Machine page 454, Census page 19, Dwelling 129, Family 129:
David Foster, age 22 (1848), farmer, born in MS, married in January.
Nancy Foster, age 19 (1851), born in MS, married in January.

1880 Bienville Parish, Louisiana Census:
David P. Foster, born 1850 in MS, both parents born in GA
Nancy C. Foster, wife, born 1851-1855 in MS, both parents born in MS
William A. Foster, son, born 1871 in MS
Carrie Foster, dau, born 1873 in MS
Lenora Foster, dau, born 1875 in MS
Ollie Foster, son, born 1877 in LA
Lou E. Foster, dau, born Febuary 1880 in LA
Ben W. Smith, boarder, born 1853 in AL, father born in AL, mother born in GA.
The family resided between Paul Staples and Wiley B. Joiner.

For the 1900, 1910, and 1920 censuses, check Bienville Parish, Louisiana.

This is one cemetery plot in Campground Cemetery, Bienville, Louisiana:
David P.Foster, Sr. 1842 - 1911
David P.Foster, Jr. 1883 - 1911
Effie Foster Pipkin, Feb.13, 1884 - Nov. 28, 1931
Laura Hill Foster, 1853 - 1901
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. David P. Foster, Sr.
Infant dau. of Mr. & Mr. David P. Foster. Sr.
Edna, dau of Mr. & Mrs. L. G. McCoy, 1901 - 1902
Louella F. McCoy, Feb. 14, 1880 - Aug. 16, 1968 (wife)
Lawrence G. McCoy, Jan. 21, 1873 - June 14, 1940 (husband)
Ione McCoy Turner, Nov. 20, 1898 - Nov. 14, 1976
(Courtesy of Virginia Caskey)

Also at Campground Cemetery (courtesy of James Lamar Foster)
Ollie Foster, Nov. 28, 1877 - June 18, 1956
Daisy Elizabeth Foster, March 4, 1882 - Nov. 25, 1961

For further information on the ancestors and siblings of David P. Foster, son of Asa Foster, contact one of these Foster researchers: Rick Algood (descendant of David's brother Thomas Foster), Virginia Caskey (descendant of David's brother John Foster), and Jeremy Foster (descendant of John Foster). Jeremy has a very nice web site detailing Asa Foster's ancestors and family history. Check out The Foster Family Page .


See pictures of Ollie and Daisy Foster's family in my Whitten Family Picture Album.


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