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Lillie Whitten was a surprise to me. For many years, my list of children of James and Sallie Whitten included only Lula, Robert, Cora, Dick, and Ada. In 1999, Sherri Parks, great-granddaughter of Dick Whitten, introduced me to her branch of the family. That introduction led me to Darlene Harris (Dick's granddaughter) and Monroe Willoughby (Dick's grandson) in 2000. In our combined search for family history information, Monroe made contact with his cousin Maggie Cox. He explained that Maggie Statton Cox was the daughter of Lilly (or Lillie) Whitten, who was a sister to Dick Whitten. Sister to Dick Whitten? I suddenly had another child of James and Sallie Whitten! A little more research showed that a Lillie Whitten married a John Statton in 1898 in Lamar County, Texas, where I knew that Dick and his mother Sallie were living at the time. And the 1900 census of Lamar County confirmed that John and Lillie Statton were living next door to Dick Whitten and his family. The evidence was strong enough to convince me that I had located another "lost" branch of my family.

Lillie Whitten was apparently the sixth child of Jim and Sallie Whitten. According to census records from 1900, she was born in 1878 in Mississippi. On the 1880 census, her parents were living in French Camp village in Choctaw County, Mississippi but what's odd is that Lillie is not listed on the census with her parents (which is why I didn't know about her). Perhaps she was born later that year? Census records suggest that the Whittens left the Choctaw-Winston County area of Mississippi sometime after 1887 and moved to Texas, settling in the area of Lamar and Delta Counties in the Red River Valley. In December of 1898, Lillie married John L. Statton in Lamar County and made their home next door to brother Dick Whitten and mother Sallie. According to Connie Todd Shelton (great-granddaughter of Lillie), John and Lillie were living in Honeygrove, Texas in Fannin County when baby Jay was born in 1906, and in Oklahoma when their next child Dave was born in 1907. Family tradition holds that the Whittens were poor sharecroppers who moved frequently around the Red River Valley. Between 1906 and 1907, it seems that the Stattons picked up and moved with Lillie's mother Sallie Whitten and two brothers, Sam and Bester Whitten, to Caddo County, Oklahoma. They were all listed in Caddo County on the 1910 Oklahoma census.

Connie said that she met Lillie as a child and that she was an amazing lady, totally blind at this time in the 1960's. Lillie died in 1962 in Gracemont, Oklahoma and was buried there.

I don't have very much information on John L. Statton. The 1900 census showed he was born in 1866 in Arkansas to parents who were born in Kansas. However, the 1910 census showed he was born in Illinois to parents born in Virginia. So much for consistency. Mike Ramsey (John's great nephew) shared with me a scanned copy of John and Lillie's marriage license. Mike is the grandson of John's sister Virgie Celemma Statton (who was also married in Lamar County, Texas).


John L. Statton
Born: February 1866 in Arkansas or Illinois (per census records)
Married: December 28, 1898 in Lamar County, Texas
Died: After 1910, probably in Oklahoma
Buried: Unknown, probably in Oklahoma
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Lillie Whitten
Born: October 1878 in Mississippi, probably in Choctaw County
Died: February 11, 1962 in Gracemont, Caddo County, Oklahoma
Buried: Gracemont Cemetery, Caddo County, Oklahoma
Father: James S. "Jim" Whitten
Mother: Sarah E. "Sallie" Barron

  1. Eamond Statton
    Born: 1901, probably in Texas
    Died: 1901, probably in Texas, lived only about 6 months
    Buried: Unknown, probably in Texas

  2. Jay Statton
    Born: August 13, 1906 in Honey Grove, Fannin County, Texas
    Married: Unknown date and place, but probably in Oklahoma
    Spouse: Edith Twila Dubois
    Died: Unknown

    Jay and Edith Twila Dubois Statton appear to have had five children. Based on a family picture provided by Connie Todd Shelton (click here to see), their children included son Marvin, daughter Ysetta, son Eugene, daughter Elmeda, and son Sharrel. Their daughter Ysetta Velta Statton married Leslie David Todd, and her daughter Connie Todd Shelton is my primary souce of information on the Statton-Whitten family. Connie told me that Jay and Edith moved to Bakersfield, California in 1951, along with all their children except for Ysetta, who was already married. The Todds lived in the Calumet area of Canadian County, Oklahoma. As of 2004, Jay and Edith's son Marvin Statton was living in Idaho. Niece Connie said that Marvin and his father Jay would visit their Uncle Bester Whitten in the mental institution where he lived until he died .

    Check out my Statton-Whitten family album for pictures of Jay's family!

  3. David Statton
    Born: November 7, 1907 in Oklahoma, probably in Caddo County
    Died: September 27, 1997, probably in Oklahoma
    Buried: Gracemont Cemetery, Caddo County, Oklahoma
  4. Neither Dave nor his brother Murry ever married. Their niece Connie remembers that after their mother Lillie died, there was quite a scandal because both Uncles moved in a native American roommate. Until then, they had both lived with Lillie or vice versa. Both Dave and Murry were buried near their mother in Gracemont Cemetery.

  5. Sadie Statton
    Born: May 27, 1911, probably in Oklahoma
    Married: Unknown date and place, probably in Oklahoma
    Spouse: Gusta Bare
    Died: December 12, 1995
    Buried: Gracemont Cemetery, Caddo County, Oklahoma

    Nancy Charlton, co-host of Caddo County, Oklahoma website on, shared with me that Sadie Bare was buried at Gracemont Cemetery and that her husband's name was Gusta. Niece Connie Shelton said that Sadie's nickname was "Boots", to go with sister Maggie's nickname of "Puss".

  6. Murry Statton
    Born: October 12, 1913, probably in Oklahoma
    Died: November 17, 1992, probably in Oklahoma
    Buried: Gracemont Cemetery, Caddo County, Oklahoma
  7. Never married. He and brother Dave spent most of their lives living with their mother Lillie. He is buried near Dave and Lillie in Gracemont Cemetery.

  8. Maggie Statton
    Born: Probably in Oklahoma -- still living in 2000
    Married: Unknown date and place, probably in Oklahoma
    Spouse: Married a Cox

    Niece Connie said that Maggie's nickname was "Puss", to go with her sister Sadie's nickname "Boots". She was living in Gracemont, Oklahoma in 2000.


1900 Lamar Co., Texas: Vol 69, Enumeration Dist 75, Sheet 1, Line 51, House 12/12, Pct 2
Dick Whitten -- head, born May 1875, age 25, married 0 yrs, born MS, parents born MS, rents farm
Annie Whitten -- wife, born Dec 1878, age 21, children 0/0, born TX, Father born MS, Mother born AR
Sallie Whitten -- mother, born Feb 1853, age 47, widowed, mother 10 children, 7 living, born MS, parents born VA
Vester Whitten -- brother, born Feb 1882, age 18, single, born MS, parents born MS
Mike Whitten -- sister, born May 1887, age 13, single, born MS, parents born MS
Sheet 1, House 13/13 (next door to Dick and Annie):
Statton, John -- head, born Feb 1866, age 34, married 2 yrs, born AR, parents born KS
Statton, Lillie -- wife, born Oct 1878, age 21, married 2 yrs, mother 0/0 children, born MS, parents born MS

1910 Caddo County, Oklahoma Census: Whitebread Township, Enum Dist 78, House 35, Sheet 2:
Whitten, Bester -- head, age 26 (1884), single, born MS, both parents born MS
Whitten, Samuel B. -- brother, age 25 (1885), single, born MS, both parents born MS
Whitten, Sallie E. -- mother, age 59 (1851), widowed, born MS, father born MS, mother born AL
Turner, Minnie L. -- niece, age 2 (1908), single, born OK, father born TN, mother born MS
House 60, Sheet 4:
Statton, John L. -- head, age 48 (1862), married 1st time, 15 yrs, born IL, parents born VA
Statton, Lilly -- wife, age 28 (1882), married 1st time, 15 yrs, mother 3/2 children, born MS, parents born MS
Statton, Jay -- son, age 4 (1906), single, born TX
Statton, Daveid L. -- son, age 2 (1908), single, born OK


See pictures of John and Lillie's family in my Whitten Family Picture Album.


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