All of the ancestors listed on this page reared their families at some point in time in Winston County, Mississippi.
Most of the families on my  mother's mother's side also spent a majority of their lives in neighboring Attala County,
G-G grandparents 
G-G-G grandparents
James Alonzo White James L. White
Robert Neal White
Martha McCarthy
Callie Wofford John M. Wofford
Henry Lee White
Mary Mitchell
Louis LeFlore McGahey, Jr. Louis LeFlore McGahey, Sr.
Mary Belle McGahey
Mary Krebs
Louisa Mann Acy Mann
John Henry White
Mother Mann
John Marion Crowell, Sr. Father Crowell
John Marion Crowell, Jr.
Mother Crowell
Lecia Jane Morton Father Morton
Hazel Ethel "Tiny" Crowell
Mother Morton
John William Rogers George Thomas Rogers
Alma Evelyn Rogers
Mother Rogers
Talitha Hailey Father Hailey
Mother Hailey
John Thomas Whitten Pleasant William Whitten
Pleasant William Jackson Whitten
Caroline Spencer
Sue Mayo Stephen Dillon/Dillard Mayo
Willie Parkes Whitten
Frances M. "Mayo"
Steven Walker Watkins Father Watkins 
Martha Jane Watkins
Mother Watkins
Mary Lyle Father Lyle
Katherine Louise Whitten
Mother Lyle
Willie Jefferson Whitten Littleton Augustus Whitten
William Felbert Whitten
Lucinda Pearlee Whitten
Frances Lucinda Cummins Willis W. Cummins
Girtha Belle Whitten
Lucinda Turner
John Limuel Tanksley Limuel Rolan Tanksley
Emma Mattie Lee Tanksley
Mary Ellen Burns
Roanna Guynes or Gwines William Guynes or Gwines
Elizabeth McCool

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